Rissa’s Official Biography

RissaA girl of paradoxes, our Rissa, and a dearer girl there never was. You’d never guess that behind those lovely eyes and pale, wistful face that reminds one of a water-nymph, there lurks a dangerous intellect upon the level of a Jeeves. She is quite fond of unrequited love, and has the most marvelous dry, ironic sense of humour you’ll ever encounter.

She has lived all over the country (more or less), but at the moment, is residing in Connecticut. She is pushing herself through a state university by diligently working a part-time job in retail. That all sounds sensible enough, but when we tell you she’s actually an English Major and one who is fairly set against becoming a teacher, you will realize that she has her fair share of nonsense. We cannot really blame her, though: she is passionately fond of literature and we cannot picture her apart from her books.

Some things that remind us of Rissa:

– Odd music. Her taste in music frequently mystifies us.

– A quirky, charming sense of fashion. Cherry-print pajamas and cropped pants striped in every possible shade of blue green, anyone? (yes, we’re just envious. Of the cherry-print pajamas, anyway. *wink*)

-Butterscotch and peppermint! No, not together.

-Old books. New books are all very well. But you really get a hold of a book’s soul when you find a tattered old tome from sometime before the twentieth century. And so it is with our Rissa. She may not be shiny and new–in fact, she may be a trifle dry and dusty–but we don’t hold that against her.


One response to “Rissa’s Official Biography

  1. Auntie Gwen

    I agree, there is nothing better than an old book. A very old book. (Unless it may be an antique treadle sewing machine or a pair of high top button shoes once worn on a cobblestone street by a gentlewoman.)