Jacinta’s Official Biography

JacintaShe’s a princess – but don’t dare let that demure, ladylike image you see to your left fool you. Oh, no. Our Jacinta can be quite saucy at times. More a hopeful romantic than a hopeless one, Jacinta is quite fond of frog princes and sweet little romances…when she’s not at college plugging away at recondite intellectual matters, that is.

At the moment, she is diligently pursuing her dreams (and having a grand old goofy time of it, besides) at a prestigious Christian college in Virginia. Her ambitions do her friends proud, and we fully expect her to become the first female President, or at least successfully wage war on a myriad of social ills.

Some things we associate with Jacinta (and upon further acquaintance, you probably will too), are

– Prince William

– Or any regal fellow, really, so long as he happens to be balding

– Fairy tales where the princess and the prince live happily ever after

– Sugar and cream–she takes rather impressive amounts of both in her tea

– Conservative politics

– Etiquette manuals and perfect posture


One response to “Jacinta’s Official Biography

  1. Auntie Gwen

    Is Prince William balding?

    Someday, while you are reading a favorite Fairy Tale, you really must try hot steamed milk flavored with French Vanilla syrup—-this suggestion comes from one who also requires impressive ammounts of sugar and cream in her tea.