Grace’s Official Biography

GraceGrace is a dear and a duck, not to be confused with a deer and a duck. She is loved to smithereens by anyone who happens to be within a quarter-mile radius when she flashes that irrepressible grin. Paired with eyes that sparkle mischievously, the effect, as you can imagine, is quite devastating.

She lives in Colorado, but we are of the opinion that the general atmosphere there is not suited to her constitution and are trying to persuade her to re-locate to Connecticut on the double.

Grace is equal parts bookishness and fun. She is just as likely to be seen reading fat Victor Hugo novels as cavorting gracefully around a dance floor or baking cookies.

Grace makes us think of:

– Pickles

– Laughter

– The summertime constellations

– Alistair Cordwell–she has quite made him who he is today. And let us tell you, he is a very charming and Henry Tilney-like young fellow.

– Funky socks

– Gene Stratton Porter novels

– Philippa Gordon in Anne of the Island by L. M. Montgomery

In closing, it has been frequently said of Grace that she is the glue which holds us together.


2 responses to “Grace’s Official Biography

  1. Auntie Gwen

    I did not know about the pickles or the socks. This is good information to have.

  2. It looks to me like SHE re-located YOU to Colorado. 😛