Abigail’s Official Biography

AbigailAbigail is a native Nutmegger of not quite one-and-twenty. She is possessed of a charming giggle, and her scrapbooking efforts are fearful and wonderful to behold. She is quite the craftiest of us–knitting, tatting, quilting: we wonder skeptically if there is any handcraft which she wouldn’t be able to pull off beautifully.

When she isn’t cackling over episodes of the Jeeves and Wooster television series, she can be a little morbid. We are unsure whether this is a natural bent, or if it is brought on by too many murder mysteries during her formative years. She is still a great reader and writer–yes, you guessed it: primarily of mystery novels. We expect that any year now she is going to have published a best-selling murder mystery with her friends starring as the characters, and we wait with bated breath to see which one of us she kills off.

A few other items inextricably associated with our Abby….

– Twinings Earl Grey Tea

– Foggy Days

– Sir Anthony, a spy for the English Crown with whom she flirts scandalously

– A certain lace parasol (pictured) which conceals a blade in the tip; She regularly vanquishes dastardly criminals with this.

The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy, The Tales of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and the collected works of Agatha Christie


2 responses to “Abigail’s Official Biography

  1. Auntie Gwen

    I understand your feelings about fog —assuming, of course, that Foggy Days are inextricably associated with you because you like them! One of my fondest memories is of early mornings when really the only things one could see through the fog were the lacy fingers of countless oak trees reaching…..reaching……reaching…… Fog is mysterious.

  2. Abby

    They are indeed, Auntie Gwen, if I may call you that as well as Grace. 🙂 I adore the fog.