About Us

Hello! You’ve found the girls of Patty’s Place.

Who are we, you ask? We are a gaggle of best friends from all across the United States, from Connecticut to Minnesota to Virginia and beyond! We were drawn together by a very peculiar and shared Deep Dark Secret. You see, we delight in all sorts of odd things from bustle gowns to 1940s hair rats–from dusty and battered old books to black and white photos of people we don’t know–from old hankies bearing monograms that don’t fit our initials to random antique furnishings that have entirely outlived their uses: shoe-shine box, anyone?

In short, we are Old Fashioned.

Additionally, we read too much. All of us grew up on a steady diet of novels by L. M. Montgomery, and this fact alone probably illuminates a great deal, not only about our personalities and friendship, but about our entire lives. We are also tickled pink by the Greats of British Humor and Satire–esp. P. G. Wodehouse, Jane Austen, and Oscar Wilde.

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