rissa“If this gets any raunchier, I’ll think I’ll have to leave.”

Long Flaxen Hair. One-liners. Explosive. The Sensible One. Deep. Pea Pods. Adorable.

Likes: Clotheslines, books, clean kitchens, improbable gardens, James Stewart, lily of the valley, washed windows, baking, Johnny Cash, vintage jazz, vegetables, record players, lilacs, handwritten letters, windchimes, lace curtains, citrus.

Why She’s Here: Rissa had a pretty typical middle-class American upbringing. She grew up in the suburbs with her fairly affluent family, has two siblings and a cat, took piano lessons growing up, and got good grades all through school. After she graduated high school, she worked part-time in retail and, mindful of having to pay her own way through college, applied to cheap schools and lived at home to save money. She began her stint in higher education as an English major because she was (and is) passionate about literature and nothing else seemed at all appealing. Yet, as she wore on through her general education requirements and major core of studies, she was continually underwhelmed by the quality of education available for the money she felt it reasonable to spend. She couldn’t believe there was any intrinsic value in an “education” that only required her to jump through a few hoops before handing out easy A’s. And most annoying of all, in her chosen and beloved field, it seemed like academics only ever dumbed things down for the masses, or, between themselves, jargonized them out of all meaning.

She was stuck in a mire of aimlessness and dissatisfaction. Money woes and other things interrupted her education, but she kept going back to school because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Isn’t it?

Not anymore. Her only credential is that she’s a three-time college dropout. She’ll go back to college if she ever feels led to a career that requires a degree, but for now she’s eschewing worldly wisdom and trying to follow where the Lord’s leading.

And for the first time in her life, she feels like she’s in the right place at the right time; and if the path ahead isn’t entirely clear right now–it will be when it needs to be.