About The Little White House

Come in at the backdoor; we never use the front. In the summer, we’ll trail blue morning glories over the garden gate to greet you when you visit. Mind your step, though, because the backdoor opens right onto a landing that plunges into Panama–Panama’s our ghoulish basement: Abby has taken to calling herself Teddy Roosevelt and occasionally laces guests’ Earl Grey with arsenic, but we’ll take extra care that she doesn’t spike yours. Kick off your shoes and hang up your coat as you come up the steps into the mud room. Just beyond is the kitchen, and we’ll set the kettle on our harvest yellow stove to brew you a cup of tea.

Our Little White House is built on hopes and dreams-come-true, and we think we might have a story worth telling here. You see, we’re all, at The Little White House, leading rather remarkable lives.

While most people our age are being churned through the mill of higher education and doing what the world’s wisdom dictates will lead to a Gatsby-esque Good-Life, we’re. . .Well, whatever we’re doing, it isn’t the status quo! We all have had our on-going struggles, impasses, and feelings of directionlessness–in totally different ways, and with totally different back-stories. Yet, hope, idealism, a smidge of disatisfaction, and a series of leaps of faith have led us all here to be together.

We don’t have all the answers; that isn’t what this is about: it’s about the journey. Already, our lives are rich in the fellowship of good people and we can feel God working in our lives according to His purpose. We hope that by sharing our stories with you, you’ll gain the inspiration and courage to write your own!