How quickly things change. As of this morning, our housing plans have fallen quite, quite through. It is three days before we were to be out of our house and into the apartment, and now we haven’t an apartment to be into.

We had perhaps ten minutes of panic apiece, and then. . .Peace. Maybe even a little joy. Our Father’s got the situation under control–in fact, He’s orchestrating it. Who on earth knows where we’re going, but at least we know it’s going to be because He sent us.

I talked to our property management, and it looks like as long as nobody wants to rent our house between today and the end of the month (for a lease starting September,) we’ll be able to stay in the Little White House through September if need be, so that gives us at least a little bit of a safety net.  But I have no idea where we’re going to go. I started to search for apartments and houses-for-rent today, and it seems as if everything in our price range has evaporated right off the market.

And yet still–Peace. Excitement, even. Can’t wait to see what He does!



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6 responses to “Addendum

  1. Grace

    Really? 10 minutes of panic apiece? I wasn’t aware of any at all on my part. 😉

    • Marissa

      I think Bex is making up for yours with her sustained frustration. 😉 Anyway, your future was ALREADY entirely up in the air. Nothing’s different for you!

      • Grace

        Oh, right! I just missed the memo that one is supposed to freak out when one’s future is up in the air. 😛

        Dear, dear Bex.

  2. Bexie

    I think I am freaking out a little more because…how could I be more than $6,000 off the mark? {palms forehead}

    • Well, it didn’t really help that both Rissa’s and my raises kicked in right then…although that doesn’t quite make up $6000, I’m sure. 😛

      I don’t think any of us thought to calculate the pre-tax wages, either.

      (Although I definitely do not feel that I’m making too much money! Srsly.)

  3. You are all in my prayers… God can do great things with impossibilities!

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