Lilac Corner

IMG_1218Big, bushy bouquets of lilacs are overtaking the Little White House. We’ve filled vases and pitchers. . .It has been warm enough for the first time to sleep with the windows open, and the scent of lilacs ruffles through the moonlit rooms on cool, fresh breezes, and colors our dreams.

The pea plants, in other news, are flourishing, and I crafted a trellis the other day by screwing hooks into the overhang of our shed’s roof, and stringing twine down in a triangular fashion to a metal rod laid on the ground along my row of peas. It was uncharacteristically handy of me, and I’m proud.

There are mysterious shapes looming on the horizons of the girls of the Little White House. . .



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7 responses to “Lilac Corner

  1. lyly.

    aww, so lovely your world is very liliac-y these days 🙂 and I am so jealous you can sleep with your windows open, and the moon light makes your dreams colorful:) but I am happy for you girls. What an exciting and lovely life you have:)
    and may the “mysterious shapes looming on the horizons of the girls of the Little White House” be perfect and may them bring happiness to you:)


  2. mmshoneybee

    I love bouquets of lilacs. At our old house, the long driveway was lined with at least 20 lilac bushes and I really looked forward to seeing them bloom every year.

  3. Pretty picture! I wondered why you’d made your bed that day. 😉

    It makes me ridiculously happy that we have lilac bushes in our backyard. *happy sigh*

  4. Brittany

    I feel so homesick for there I almost want to cry. Is that not pathetic? Actually, no, it isn’t.

    Send me a lilac.

  5. Lady Laura

    Hi girls!

    I’ve been visiting the Gibson Girl website and found my way to the Little White House from there. I absolutely love how it has all turned out for you– what a dream come true. It’s the coolest story ever. I hope to visit you sometime (and not just via this website! 🙂 ) My beau is going to be stationed near you, I think, when he returns from Iraq. Maybe sometime when I visit him, I can see you all as well!!


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