Today marks the two-week anniversary of Rissa and my residence at Patty’s Place, and we celebrate by keeping Grace company and watching Wives and Daughters while devouring freshly-baked scones. Grace is swathed to within an inch of her life in blankets and pillows – she’s come down with something awful and has spent the last two days curled up on the couch at her parents’ house. She has all of us at her beck and call, and oddly enough, none of us mind in the least. 😉

It has been adventure upon adventure living here in Colorado. But…now that it comes down to relating tales of them, I find that I simply cannot remember a thing. My memory is rather appalling, I’m afraid…

Grace and Bex have awesome friends. It’s true. I don’t even refer to myself and Rissa here. 😉 Two of them have moved directly across the street from us – they are our Neighbors in more ways than one. *wink* It’s tremendous fun to run pell-mell across the street to their house and back again – the secret is that you have to run as though for your very life, even when there isn’t a speck of traffic for miles around. Especially when there isn’t, if you ask me.


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